The Iron Ghost !


The Iron Ghost, pictured here, is the title character of a story I wrote and drew for EPICS, an anthology I published in 2012 along with four friends and colleagues from the Kubert School. We each wrote and drew our own six page story. Later, we did a second issue with completely new stories unrelated to the first issue. I always wanted to do more with the Ghost and maybe I still will.


This head sketch, along with a few others I’ll be posting here soon, was done for a sketch book I was planning on putting together. I’m going to be re-visiting that sketchbook idea VERY soon. The beautiful coloring and innovative textures were added by the great Anwar Hanano.





4 comments on “The Iron Ghost !”

  1. daren

    I just read a copy of this that a friend gave me and I love it. Old science fiction movies are one of my favorites and I like it even better with some edgy stuff they couldn’t put in the movies like you included.

  2. fernando

    Thanks, Adam. As I said above, I wrote a sequel and I have ideas for more Iron Ghost stories. Ideally, I’d like to do a trade with three or four 20 page stories in it. Maybe we can do it under Astro Comix!

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