ARCHIE 1 cover art


This piece was originally done as an intro page for the Archie 1 stories being reprinted in the Archie digests. Archie 1 were a series of stories featuring the ancestors of the Riverdale gang back in the Stone Age. Most of them seemed to have been done by one of my all-time favorite Archie artists, the great and often over-looked, Harry Lucey. I did a number of these intro pages for other regular Archie features being reprinted such as She’s Josie (The PRE-Pussycats Josie!) Little Archie, Hot Dog, That Wilkin Boy, Archie’s Weird Mysteries, and a couple more. This one received a second life when Archie re-used it as the cover of one of their ash cans featuring the Archie 1 stories.

I always love drawing dinosaurs and other unusual subjects. The logo on this one was also drawn by me.


9 comments on “ARCHIE 1 cover art”

  1. John Leasure Reply

    These stories were from a gigantic creative burst from the company. Time Police and the New Archies were other favorites.

    • fernando Reply

      I always loved the Archie 1stories, John. Harry Lucey really seemed to shine in those. I’d be very surprised if he didn’t have particular fun drawing them.

  2. JR Loflin Reply

    I think, though I’m not certain, that that FCBD ashcan was the first time I ever saw your artwork.

      • JR Loflin Reply

        Hey, I’m here, so you must have done something right!

        Seriously though, I don’t remember the contents of that ashcan, but that cover has always stayed with me.

  3. Eli Jones Reply

    I do so very much enjoy reading the Archie I stories. You did a fine job on this cover. I love it.

    • fernando Reply

      Thanks, Eli. I loved the Archie 1 stories too. It looked to me like Harry Lucey enjoyed drawing them. His “cave” Betty & Veronica were probably his sexiest versions of the girls.

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