Here is another of my favorite moments from a series full of favorite moments, ARCHIE VS PREDATOR. This was Page 2 from AVP #2 where poor POP TATE gets his head literally blown off his shoulders by the Predator. This was another of those moments, because it was still early enough in the series, where I started to feel like we were really playing for keeps.

As I drew these pages, I would bring them into my classes at the KUBERT SCHOOL where I teach and share them with my students. This page actually got screams of surprise, horror and even delight! (Poor Pop!) It was great! A lot of the fun of drawing these pages was sharing them with my students. It was great seeing their reactions. They were a big source of support for me.

By the way, I love adding little background gags to my jobs whenever I can and whenever appropriate. Jughead continuing to eat and saving the cake while Pop is decapitated was all me!


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