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Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl Blossom is one of my favorite Archie characters, but not one I get to draw too often. This sketch was done in response to a Facebook conversation where someone asked why there weren’t more Cheryl convention sketches. I think my friend and colleague, Dan Parent, may draw more Cheryl sketches than I do but

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Rogue of The X-Men!

My favorite look for Rogue has always been the costume she wore when I first discovered the character in Uncanny X-Men #171, the issue where she shows up on the X-Men’s doorstep and ends up joining the team. Here she is just prior to that appearance when she was still a member of the Brotherhood

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The Scarlet Witch!

Here is a marker sketch of Marvel Comics’ The Scarlet Witch, always one of my favorite characters with a rich history. I used to find her original head dress to look clunky but it’s grown on me over the years so I added it to this version of her costume. I had to really bolster

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