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  Work continues on ongoing projects and I’m still catching up on a backlog of commissions and other individual projects. The Christmas break has been some very welcome and productive time in the studio. I’m also getting in a little portfolio rebuilding as with this piece. Mash-ups are always popular and this one where DC

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Merry Christmas, Everybody!   Here is another sketch that I did as a demo in marker coloring in one of my classes at the Kubert School. This, of course, is everyone’s favorite X-Man (Except mine I guess. I prefer Cyclops!) Wolverine! Logan here is colored with a combination of Copic and Chartpak markers. The piece

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The Teen Titans!

  The post-convention season rebuilding of my portfolio continues! Here is a pencilled pin-up featuring DC Comics’ sidekicks supreme, the original Teen Titans, who were always a personal favorite of mine. Kid Flash, in fact, is seen here sporting his second uniform which was always one of my all-time favorite DC costume designs! This one

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