DIE KITTY DIE #1 Halloween variant cover



Here is the special Halloween variant cover to the Chapterhouse Comics release of Die Kitty Die #1. The cover is a collaboration between my partner and buddy, Dan Parent, and myself. Dan penciled and inked the figure of Kitty and I penciled and inked the backgrounds and the other figures. Then Dan sewed all of the elements together into the composition you see here and finished up the whole thing with colors.

Die Kitty Die #2 just hit comic shops this past Wednesday. Make sure you go out and grab your copies now! Die Kitty Die #1 might still be out there, but if you have trouble finding either issue, you can always order your favorite covers directly from Chapterhouse Comics. Check out the Die Kitty Die page at their store here:




Remember also to specifically ask your comic shops to order Die Kitty Die! In todays comic book market, you can’t always take for granted that your store will order lots of everything… particularly such a new book as DKD. If you want Die Kitty Die every month, let your retailer know and add it to your pull list!

Then come out and see Dan and myself next year at one of our many convention appearances. We’re always thrilled to sign everyone’s Kitty stuff! Keep checking my Events page to see where I’ll be next!







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