Grumpy Cat Garfield #2 cover


Last month, I announced that I would be doing covers for each issue of Dynamite Entertainment’s upcoming Grumpy Cat Garfield mini-series. I posted my cover to #1 and above is my art for one of the covers to #2. Each issue seems to have a number of variant covers. I’m not sure how rare or common my covers will be. As always, I recommend everyone reach out to their local comic shops and order the covers they want. The beautiful colors on this cover are by Pete Pantazis who’s done a great job coloring a lot of my work at Dynamite including my pages for Boo: The World’s Cutest Dog and my covers and interiors on Animal Jam.

Speaking of Animal Jam, I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my last update, but I handed in my final pages for that series two weeks ago so I am officially done. Issue #1 came out at the end of May so I am presuming #2 will be out shortly. I hope everyone will give the book a look. So far it has gotten some very nice responses. A hardcover collection is already being put together and its available for pre-order on Amazon.

I’m looking forward to seeing this one. It should be a very nice product.

In other news, San Diego Comic Con will be next week. Dan Parent and I will be at Table F-12 in the exhibitor’s section. We’ll have plenty of copies of the Die Kitty Die Summer Special on hand so please come by and see us.

Right now I’m in the process of moving through a few commissions and reward requests from 2016’s Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust Kickstarter campaign. I’ll of course be posting these here as I finish them. There will be a lot of activity in the next couple of days so please keep checking back here.


Thanks, Everybody!





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