My First Tiffany Winters Story in Eerie Cuties #4 !


It’s always a thrill to see a new gig in print for the first time! This is my first job for Pixie Trix Comix’s EERIE CUTIES / MAGICK CHICKS. It appears in Eerie Cuties/ Magick Chicks #4. You can order it from the Pixie Trix Comix site:

Tiffany Winters is a fun character to draw. This was a two-pager that was one of the stretch goals for the phenomenal Pixie Trix Comix 2015 kickstarter campaign. I’m currently drawing a twelve page story and my friend and Pixie CEO Gisele Lagace tells me theres more after that! I can’t wait! Please keep checking both of our sites for more news and updates!


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  1. Adam Alamo Reply

    Oh wow, Fernando! This is definitely a different style than your usual; Yet I can still see your distinct style bleeding through. Was it a challenge of your artistic muscles to draw this?

  2. fernando Reply

    Y’know… There really are a lot of similarities between Archie and the manga-esqueness of the Pixie Trix Universe. It really wasn’t too much of a stretch once I got the facial likenesses of Tiff and the other characters down. I’m sure many of my students are laughing now! For years, I’ve been a manga curmudgeon, but I never realized all these years I’ve only been a few steps away from embracing my inner manga! It’s definitely helped that my manga mentor, Gisele Lagace, has helped educate me. It’s a lot of fun!

    I’m also enjoying inking my own work too! I never got to do that very often at Archie. In my twenty-two years at Archie, I think I inked maybe five pieces!

  3. G. Lobulus Reply

    That somam in The 2nd panel looks a lot like the girl I took to my prom at Cobra-La High School back in 1973!

  4. daren Reply

    I tried to find it on the website but doesn’t look like it’s out yet, I’ll keep checking though. It looks great!

  5. fernando Reply

    I just received my copy of Eerie Cuties #4 with my other swag from the 2015 Pixie Trix Comix Kickstarter. Keep checking their site or send them an email for more updates. Thanks for following this. I’m having a ball drawing Tiff and I hope to do a lot more!

  6. Gisele Lagace Reply

    I was waiting till all rewards were sent before putting the printed books in the store. Should be up in a week or two. You can always email me directly and I’ll hook you up if you can’t wait. 🙂

    • fernando Reply

      Thanks for the info and the link, Gisele! I hope you’ll be a frequent visitor around here!

      And COLOR! I can’t wait to see my Cthulu in color!

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