Scarlet is Back in “FLOWER FEET!”

Here are the pencils to a few pages from “Flower Feet,” my latest story for Archie Comics featuring Scarlet, the first Archie character with autism.

This is a six page story written by writer Dan Collins, pencilled by me and beautifully inked by the legendary, Al Milgrom. As with all of the Archie stories I’ve drawn in the past two years, this one is available exclusively by directly contacting Archie Comics CEO, Nancy Silberkleit and letting her know that you’d like to buy it. You may reach Nancy at: I believe the story costs a mere 1.99.

I am often asked if these stories will appear in a future digests or why is it only available this way. The honest answer to the first question is that I don’t know. I don’t make those decisions and I’m not involved in making them. As for the second question… it’s complicated but its the way it is right now. If anything changes, I’ll certainly let you all know.

For now, this is the way this story is available. If you’d like to see more of these stories or more stories featuring my work, contact Nancy at the email address above, let her know, and please support “Flower Feet!”


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