The Avengers Page 3


This is the third page in the batch of sample pages I drew for Marvel Comics based on a script for the Avengers. On this page, it’s revealed that the mystery person the Avengers are fighting is some sort of “evil” Invisible Woman. By this point, I was getting more comfortable drawing that overly-noodled Iron Man armor. I was studying what John Romita Jr. was doing with it in the Avengers book he was drawing at the time. Essentially, he took the armor, threw the design out the window and drew whatever he wanted. He also it seemed wasn’t too concerned about making it look like the same suit twice!


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  1. fernando

    Thanks, Daren. I would love to have drawn the rest of the book. I’d still like to do a job for Marvel and/or DC one day and work on my beloved super heroes. It’s too bad Archie never gave me a real crack at the Mighty Crusaders. I did write a story story featuring the Web. It was going to be drawn by Rich Buckler. This was at the very tail end of the New Crusaders period. I don’t think it was ever used anywhere.

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