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Today, Friday November 4th, is the FINAL day for the DIE KITTY DIE HOLLYWOOD OR BUST Kickstarter campaign. As I type this, there are less than twenty hours left! If you haven’t pledged yet… HURRY! You can do so here:


Pictured here is my cover to the DIE KITTY DIE SUMMER SPECIAL. This was one of our earliest stretch goals and we’re very happy to have it funded. We’ve also reached enough funding to do the DIE KITTY DIE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. I also did a cover for that one which I’ll post later.

This piece was penciled by me and inked by the great Rich Koslowski. Some of you guys might recognize Rich’s name from many projects we worked on together at Archie Comics. Rich was always one of Archie’s very best inkers. I could always count on Rich to make me look better than I was. He has a gorgeous fluid line. In addition to countless digest stories, Rich was the regular inker over me on Archie’s Weird Mysteries and the popular Archie Vs Predator. Rich of course was a natural choice to ink both Dan and myself on our Die Kitty Die interior pages. He is thankfully on board to ink Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust! We’re very lucky to have him on the team. Personally, Rich is also a very nice guy and one of the funniest people I know. It’s a shame we can’t get together in person more often.

The fantastic coloring above was done by the great Anwar Hanano, who also brings so much more to the party to make me so much better than I am! Those tentacles are very much Anwar! And you can thank Anwar for Kitty’s tan lines!




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