Afterlife With Archie #1: Page 9 “Love Throw Down!”

Afterlife With Archie #1 Page 9

Fan Fiction Friday continues! This week we feature Page 9 of my fan fictional Afterlife With Archie #1. After Cheryl plays a cruel joke on the naive Dilton, Riverdale’s resident nerd tutors the rich redhead in the subject of… REVENGE! Is the rich redhead now a real dead head? Find out next week on Page 10!

A few notes… Not many Easter eggs on this page but we do at long last find out the origin of the stain and the broken glass on the floor of Dilton’s lab seen on previous pages. We also see Dilton’s hamsters once again.

One significant Easter egg can be seen in the background of Panel 6. Longtime followers of my work might remember a story I wrote and drew for Tales From Riverdale digest #25 titled “Denim.” An homage to Marvel Comics’ Venom character, the “Denim” story centered on Dilton Doiley in possession of a black leather jacket that was actually a living corrupting symbiotic. This story was the brainchild of Archie Comics’ digest editor Nelson Ribeiro who handed me the idea and told me to run with it. After the story saw print, we often joked about finding ways to bring back the Denim jacket. Some fifteen years later, I finally figured out a way to do it.

Tales From Riverdale #25

Next week… Dilton does his best to undo the undead! Don’t miss it!

As usual, here are the previous pages…

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