Afterlife With Archie #11 Cover Art… Now with inks!

I posted the pencils for this one last week and now here it is inked!

This is a private commission for a fictional cover for the even more fictional Afterlife With Archie #11. As I understand it, the Afterlife With Archie series “stopped” with issue #10.

If you’re still hungry for zombies in the Archieverse, please come back here every Friday for Fan Fiction Friday where I’ve restarted the Afterlife With Archie series all on my own. It’s an all-new new story with all-new original art all provided by me. I post a new page every Friday. Don’t miss it! Here is my own cover for my fan fiction series:

Interested in seeing the pencils for the above commission piece? Here you go:

Interested in your own personal commission piece? Don’t hesitate! Reach out to me at and we’ll talk!

Thanks a lot, Everybody!


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