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Twelve On A Straw!

  Here is a variation on the classic Archie Comic’s cover “Three On A Straw.” I call this one “Twelve On A Straw.”   The original “Three On A Straw” I believe may have been drawn by original Archie artist… and let’s be honest… Archie creator… Bob Montana back in the 1940’s. That classic configuration

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The Justice Society

  Here is a pencilled pin-up featuring the very first super hero team, DC Comics’ Justice Society of America. Although the JSA would grow to include many more members, I chose to focus on the original eight members featured on the cover of the team’s first appearance, All-Star Comics #3. The composition was intended to

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Coming Soon! The Haunted Cowboy!

Coming soon, Everybody! Here’s the latest project I’m currently working on…┬áThe Haunted Cowboy. Rusty Grainger is a poor, picked upon, fifteen year old misfit living in the notorious Old West town of Deadwood. Working at the local livery and in love with the fetching young Abigail Archer, Rusty is living a hard life besieged by

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