Cheryl Blossom


Cheryl Blossom is one of my favorite Archie characters, but not one I get to draw too often.

This sketch was done in response to a Facebook conversation where someone asked why there weren’t more Cheryl convention sketches. I think my friend and colleague, Dan Parent, may draw more Cheryl sketches than I do but I think he’s more known for the Archie girls than I am. I added this one to my portfolio hoping to inspire a few more Cheryl commissions.


3 comments on “Cheryl Blossom”

  1. fernando

    I had drawn Cheryl here in anticipation of Fan Expo Toronto 2015, but she never made it there. Almost immediately after posting her on Facebook, a collector contacted me and purchased her. I did draw a second Cheryl for the convention. I will post that one later.

  2. Eli Jones

    Along with Veronica, Betty, Sabrina, Josie, and Melody, Cheryl is one of my favorite female characters from Archie Comics. She definitely does have her moments with Betty and Veronica. I like the way you have her drawn.

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