Children’s Book Illustrations


I’ve posted a couple of pieces from this project before. These are illustrations for a private children’s book that the author has written for his grandchildren. The main characters of the book are two identical twin girls who are based on his own granddaughters. ┬áThese illustrations are all done in pencil, ink, and a combination of predominantly Chartpak markers with some Copic markers for details and additional touch ups.

I liked drawing the flowers in this one. The far background where I just played with the markers and there are no inked holding lines took me back to my college days when I wanted to be a landscape painter.

This one is more Copic heavy than the other pieces. I needed the fine point of the Copic brush tip to do the rendering on the fairy princesses’ dresses. Their hair is also done with Copics as is the glowing sky in the far background above the force field.

This one is largely the Chartpaks at work with the Copics used for the magic bridge and a few touch-ups on the ground and the mountains in the distance.

This was another fun one. I always enjoyed the moments where I can forego the holding lines and just let the color do the heavy lifting as I did with the background storm.


One of the most fun aspects of this projects is the interesting cast that includes unicorns, wizards, rock trolls, and more!


I’ve got more of these pieces coming up. I’ll be sure to post them when I can so please keep checking back here. As always, leave any comments or questions in the comments below!


Thanks, Everybody!




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