DIE KITTY DIE #2 Cover… Now With Colors!


Here is the colored version of my cover for DIE KITTY DIE #2. The colors are by my ever-reliable, very talented colorist… and former student… Anwar Hanano.

Each individual issue of Die Kitty Die will have two separate covers. One will be drawn by myself and one will be drawn by Dan Parent. All of our covers, the individual issues, pin-ups, sketches and much more will be collected together in the DIE KITTY DIE deluxe hardcover which is available now for pre-order and which will be available this July. The hardcover will also feature some new exclusive material not available in the individual issues like an exclusive Kitty & Friends story drawn by the very talented Gisele Lagace of Pixie Trix Comix! I’ve seen her pages and they look beautiful! She’s a great fit for Kitty! We only have a limited run of the hardcovers, so please order yours fast!

Please click below to order your copy of the hardcover:


And if you can’t wait and want your PDF copy of DIE KITTY DIE #1, that’s available NOW on Gumroad for a mere $3.00! Click below to order:


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