DIE KITTY DIE #2 cover !


Here it is… for the FIRST TIME ANYWHERE… a sneak preview of my cover to DIE KITTY DIE #2!

The response to Die Kitty Die #1, which as of this writing has been released only FOUR days ago, has been phenomenal. Everyone who has received their PDF has been very complimentary and kind in their reviews. It has been a very, very encouraging reception. My partner, Dan Parent and I are already planning our 2016 Kickstarter and the sequel to Die Kitty Die… (assuming Kitty lives!) We hope we can count on our loyal supporters once again. Please keep checking back here for updates on that.

In the meantime, Dan and I are working hard on wrapping up the art for THIS first volume of DKD. We are each drawing covers for each individual issue of Kitty, so Dan has his own version of the cover to DKD #2 too. I’ve seen it and it looks FABULOUS! Very appropriate for the story! This cover is already in the hands of my incredible colorist, the talented Anwar Hanano. I’ll be working on my covers for DKD #’s 3 and 4 in the next few days and getting those to Anwar as well.

If you still need your copy of DIE KITTY DIE #1, you can still get yours for a modest $3.00 at Gumroad. Click on the link below and treat yourself!


Then please come back here and let me know what you think! I love getting comments! Thanks!


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  1. daren

    People can also win a free copy at the Classic Archie Forever facebook page if they can answer the trivia question. I hope I’m not out of line saying that. Do you mind if I post this art there?

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