DIE KITTY DIE as Harley Quinn…?!



Here I’m test driving the new DIE KITTY DIE blank sketch covers. I’m very happy with the quality of the paper which can often times be very iffy on these sketch covers. Thanks go out to Fadi and Keith of Chapterhouse Comics for getting these for us. If anyone is interested in a Die Kitty Die blank sketch cover commission, please just let me know! You know me! I’ll draw anything!


This of course is Kitty as Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in the recent Suicide Squad movie. I can’t really speak about the movie since I haven’t seen it. The previews I will say make it seem like its not my type of movie. Its a shame because I’ve always loved the Suicide Squad concept and I believe there COULD be a good movie there if only Hollywood weren’t interested in putting their own stamp on existing properties. I certainly prefer the classic Bruce Timm Harley design… and what a waste of the perfectly cast Margot Robbie that we didn’t get her in that look… but I did think borrowing this gritty, hard ridden look for Kitty would be fun and eye-catching. What do you think?





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  1. Dennis

    I used to like Harley Quinn, back in the days of Bruce Timm. Then those schmucks at DC had to go and ruin her (and the video game people too), so the movie’s just icing the cake. Cartoon style is just better, whether it’s Harley or Archie. It was kind of laughable how when the preview trailer for the movie came out, people spent days online trying to guess which character all the actors were supposed to be.

    • fernando

      Harley Quinn is an excellent example of a beautifully design that perfectly suited the character and was ultimately just thrown away for something grubby and generic. Contemporary comics are loaded with cases like this. I don’t understand the fascination with taking a distinct, striking look and stripping it of its life, charm and style for something like leather jackets and generic combat armor. In Harley’s case, she was turned her into some banged up streetwalker with a bat. Somehow she’s supposed to present a threat to Batman.

      As for Suicide Squad, let’s just say the trailers screamed “This movie is not for you, Fernando” so I stayed away. I’m sure I’ll catch it on cable at some point. All I can say is Margot Robbie, who would’ve made a perfect classic Harley seems totally squandered here… except from what I hear… for cheesecake purposes.

  2. Dennis

    So much of Harley Quinn’s personality as a character came through her voice, actress Arleen Sorkin, too. When I used to read the Batman Adventures (and subsequent series that followed), I always heard Harley speaking in Arleen’s voice. Later voice actresses tried to imitate her tone and delivery, but never quite captured it. I’m not really familiar with Margot Robbie or her past work.

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