Die Kitty Die: Hollywood Or Bust #2 cover


Here is my cover art for my cover to DIE KITTY DIE: HOLLYWOOD OR BUST #2. This issue re-introduces Dan Parent’s characters the fan favorite The Carneys. ┬áDan along with Die Kitty Die contributor Bill Golliher had created The Carneys years ago. We’re happy to find them a place here in Die Kitty Die where their surreal crazy adventures are a perfect fit! During our Kickstarter campaign, I’d posted this pin-up of the Carneys which makes the first time I ever drew this freaky family:



The colors for this pin-up as well as my cover are as usual by the great Anwar Hanano, who always brings so much to my drawings. That little magical light in Kitty’s hand is all Anwar!

Incidentally, Dan and I are moving right along with our work on Die Kitty Die: Hollywood Or Bust. As of this writing, all pencilling has been done on the first issue and we’re looking to make the digital version of DKD: HOB #1 available very early in February. With this cover, work has officially begun on #2. In fact, I’m very close to wrapping up my end of my cover for #3! Keep checking back here because I’ll of course post it here first!


What do you think? Who else would you like Kitty to team up with? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Andrew McDougall

    Outstanding, Fernando!! Do you have any appearances coming up in Ontario or the northeastern region of the U.S.A.? These latest posts of yours have given me some commission ideas. Thank you!

    • fernando

      Thanks, Andrew. Right now, Dan and I should be appearing at Toronto’s Comicon in March. We are still nailing down our other appearances. Keep checking my Events page for the latest info!

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