Meet the Hexecutioner!

Meet the Hexecutioner…




This is one of the new bad guys out to kill our favorite comic book witch, Kitty Ravencraft in the upcoming Die Kitty Die: Hollywood Or Bust mini-series and trade. Hexy is a Dark magic wielding assassin who specializes in tracking and slaying magical beings like vampires, werewolves, zombies, and… unfortunately for Kitty… witches! He will of course be playing a large part in our new storyline.


The Hexecutioner is a character I created as a kid. Like a lot of my fellow cartoonists and comic book artists, as a kid, I used to write and draw my own crude comics. I still need to dig those up from my dad’s house. I don’t know if I should post those. They’re really, REALLY crude! A lot of my ideas were thinly veiled versions of the comics that I was reading and enjoying at the time. There were however one or two ideas worth dusting off, polishing up and using today. Hexecutioner is one of those gems chilled out from the deep mines of my childhood ideas.



I originally created Hexecutioner as a magic-based villain for a super hero I’d created at the time. He was a member of a super-villain team. I might mine that team for other bad guys in the future. This isn’t the first time I’ve reached back to those rough ideas from my childhood for inspiration. My character, the Iron Ghost, from my anthology Epics, started out as a super-villain named Psi-Borg that I’d also created as a foe for one of my childhood super-heroes. I can’t remember who I created the Executioner to fight, but I vividly remember creating Psi-Borg to fight a super-hero named Molecule Man. This was before I ever discovered the Fantastic Four villain with the same name. I guess I’ll have to rename that guy if I ever dust him off!




Here are a few panels from the Hexecutioner’s debut in Die Kitty Die: Hollywood Or Bust. Please keep checking back here for more previews of our latest Kitty saga. What do you think of the Hexecutioner? Does he have the chops? Please let me know in the comments below! Thanks!




4 comments on “Meet the Hexecutioner!”

  1. Rob O'Brien

    This is looking more amazing with every update. Hexecutioner actually has me worried for Kitty’s safety, the antagonists in DKD were nowhere near that intimidating. I guess you and Dan are taking things to a whole new level this time around.

    Also I totally get you about going back to old projects and resurrecting the good ideas. The comic I’m working on is built off an idea I had as a teenager.

    Also, also, Kitty’s t-shirt is adorable.

    • fernando

      Ha! Thanks, Rob! The Hexecutioner seemed like a good fit for the World of Kitty. I hope everyone digs him. And keep your eye on Kitty’s shirt!

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