Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust #4 Cover Art with Colors!



Last week I posted the black and white artwork to my cover for Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust #4. I knew my usual colorist, Anwar Hanano, would knock this one out of the park and he really, really delivered beyond all of my expectations. He really brought this one to gorgeous vivid colorful life! Here is my original black and white art:


You can see just how much Anwar brings to the piece. That great haunting skull in the background for instance is all Anwar. I really need to offer very minimal… if any… direction to him. I can just turn him loose and let him work his magic!

In other news, don’t forget this Saturday May 6th is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! For those of you in the New Jersey area, I’ll be at the great Dewey’s Comic City in beautiful Madison, NJ. I’ll be there from noon until 4-ish… probably longer. I’ll be there with other artists like Anthony Marques, Charles Paul Wilson III, Fabio Redivo, and more! We’ll be signing and drawing sketches all day! For more details, check out Dewey’s site here:




Wherever you go for Free Comic Book Day, please check out my work in Chapterhouse Publishing’s Captain Canuck Free Comic Book Day Special featuring a new original Die Kitty Die story by Dan Parent and myself.

Be sure to also pick up the Animal Jam Free Comic Book Day Special from Dynamite featuring story and art by me.


If you’re at Dewey’s Comic City, be sure to pick up both of these books, I’ll happily sign them for you!


Thanks for checking out my latest cover, Everybody!  Please feel free to comment or ask questions in the Comments below!




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