Here is my black and white art for my cover to Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust #4. This one is off to the incredible Anwar Hanano for coloring.

Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust is almost completely done, Folks. With this cover, I kick off work on the last issue of this arc. We’re still on schedule and our hardcovers should be coming out this June. Co-creator, Dan Parent, and I should have brand new copies with us in July when we appear at San Diego Comic Con. I’ll be adding this stop to my Events page so keep checking back here.

In other news, I’m freshly back from an incredible …and busy… weekend at C2E2. Unfortunately, the fun at the con was overshadowed by the absence of our friend, Pixie Trix Comix’s Gisele Lagace, who was turned away at the US-Canadian border by over zealous US border patrol agents. Hopefully, we’ll see Gisele at one of our upcoming shows very soon. In the meantime, you can check out Gisele’s stable of incredible webcomics at her site, Pixie Trix Comix. Check them out below:


I’ve drawn a few sketches at C2E2 and I’ll be posting those in the coming days. Please keep checking back here.

I’ve wrapped a couple of books since my last post. The Die Kitty Die Summer Special is done and so is my end of Animal Jam #1. Now as I said above, I’m moving on to DKD HOB #4 plus Animal Jam #2. Animal Jam #3 is right after that! The deadlines are pretty tight so its going to be a pretty busy month for me!

Thanks for checking in. Please keep coming back here and as always, leave a comment below!


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    • fernando

      Thanks, Martha. Actually, I designed that outfit for Kitty specifically at the request of a friend. You’ll see Kitty running around in it at the end of DKD HOB #3 and #4.

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