Work on Die Kitty Die: Hollywood Or Bust has begun!

Here are a couple of panels from my pencils for the first issue. True diehard sharp-eyed Die Kitty Die fans… especially those of you who are members of the Fans of Astrocomix Facebook page or of the Fans Of Archie Comics Facebook page might spot a couple of familiar cameos!

Wanna join the Fans Of Astrocomix page? Check them out here:



And for the best Facebook page about Archie Comics, check out:


My pal, Adam Alamo, started and runs both of these pages. He believes in open communication and doesn’t just tow the official Archie Comics line deleting anything that might not be a positive for Archie. Check out both pages and join the fun! You’ll see me around there a lot.



4 comments on “DIE KITTY DIE: HOLLYWOOD OR BUST Preview”

  1. Shawn Brady Reply

    I spy Adam Alamo !! You made him look sexier than in his real life pics ! 🤣😂

    • fernando Reply

      I don’t know… That Adam is quite the head turner. You can’t go wrong with the bald goatee look!

  2. Adam Alamo Reply

    Thank you my friend. Looking forward to the next chapter in DKD and to confide success! These panels look great!

    • fernando Reply

      Thanks, Adam! And thanks for all of your support! We really couldn’t have done it without you!

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