Die Kitty Die House Of Mystery #92 Homage


I’d posted the black and white version of this one last week, but here now is the final completed version with colors.

This piece is a private commission on a Die Kitty Die blank sketch cover. Longtime comic fans will recognize the homage to DC Comic’s House Of Mystery #92 which features the first appearance by the popular swamp beast, Swamp Thing. The artist of the original cover was the great Berni Wrightson who as it happened recently announced his retirement from Art due to health reasons.  Here is the original cover:



I hope I did the original at least a little justice.  It was a fun piece. Colors were done with Copic markers and were done in part as a demo in using Copic markers and coloring in my Basic Drawing night class at the Kubert School.

By the way… speaking of Kitty… Die Kitty Die : Hollywood Or Bust #1 is currently available as a digital download from Gumroad.com. Click below to get your copy!


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Thanks, Everybody!


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