Die Kitty Die with Swamp Thing !


Here is a commission piece done on a Die Kitty Die blank sketch cover. Sharp-eyed comic book fans will recognize this as an homage to Berni Wrightson’s very famous cover to DC Comics’ House Of Mystery #92, the first appearance of the famous swamp monster, Swamp Thing. The commissioner requested some sort of team-up between Kitty and Swamp Thing. It was my idea to reference Wrightson’s milestone cover. This very week, Wrightson announced his retirement due to health reasons. An giant talent, Wrightson may have saddened us his fans with this announcement, but his career has produced a breathtakingly influential body of work that will continue to inspire artists for generations. I’ll certainly do my part and continue to bring his masterpiece, his illustrated Frankenstein into my classes every year. All my best, Berni. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

This was a fun piece and this marks my very first time ever drawing Swamp Thing. Oddly enough, this comes only months after drawing my very first Man-Thing which you can see here:



I’ll be adding colors to the Swamp-Thing piece soon and I’ll post it as soon as I finish that final stage. This is one of a few commissions I still have to get through in the next few weeks. Thanks to all those fans out there who’ve asked me to draw something for them and thanks for bearing with me. If you’re regular followers of this site, you know how busy I’ve been lately with Kitty and Animal Jam. I appreciate everyone’s patience!

What do you think so far? Please let me know in the comments below!




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