Grumpy Cat Garfield #1 Cover Art


Now it can be told! I’ll be drawing covers for each issue of Dynamite Entertainment’s Grumpy Cat Garfield mini-series where these two titans of the cartoon cat world collide. Pictured here is my black and white artwork for the cover to Grumpy Cat Garfield #1.  Check out Dynamite’s solicitations for August 2017 for the colored final version as well as all of Dynamite’s great offerings:


Please also take note of Dynamite’s Animal Jam: Welcome To Jamaa hardcover. This special edition collects all of the issues to Dynamite’s Animal Jam series featuring stories written by myself and Eric Esquivel and art by me. If you’re interested in this or  Grumpy Cat Garfield, please please PLEASE let your local comics retailer know! In this day and age, you can’t take chances with your comic book purchases. If there’s something you want, you have to make sure your comic shop orders it! Most shops these days order very tightly particularly when it comes to the independents. Comic buyers today just can’t assume their favorite indies are going to be sitting on the shelves of their local shops waiting for them. Most shops order enough copies of a book to cover their pull list orders and MAYBE one or two extra copies to sit on that shelf but that’s it. The passivity of contemporary fans is quickly becoming a pet peeve for me. I can’t tell you how often fans supposedly interested in my work will say to me, “Oh my shop didn’t order that” or “I didn’t see it at the store.” These days its not going to be that easy, Folks! Please note! Animal Jam #1 is currently in shops right NOW so if you’re interested in grabbing a copy, get out there right now!

In other news… Once again, its been a while since I’ve posted an update here because once again, its been a very busy season. First, another school year has wrapped up at the Kubert School. This school year was the School’s fortieth and my twenty-second as an instructor their. It’s a little mind-blowing to see that I’ve been teaching there for over HALF of the School’s existence! I’m looking forward to my twenty-third year there, but first I’m looking for a little extra downtime this Summer! Now that I have the time, look for a few more private commissions and personal drawings being posted here very soon!

In terms of work, I’m happy to say that I’ve finally wrapped up my end of Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust! We’re almost there, Folks! My final pages are currently being inked and lettered so all of my end of the writing and pencilling is done. As of this writing, the first three issues of DKD HOB are available digitally and the first print issue has just arrived in shops this past week. Don’t miss it!

If all keeps going according to plan, my DKD collaborator, Dan Parent and I will have copies of the DKD HOB hardcover in hand by August. All Kickstarter supporters should start receiving their rewards around then and September.

Right now, I’m in the midst of wrapping up my end of Animal Jam #2. I’m also drawing more Grumpy Cat Garfield covers plus as usual, a few other things I can’t talk about just yet.

I’d also like to point out that my pal, colleague, and Die Kitty Die contributor, Gisele Lagace has launched a kickstarter campaign for the print edition of Volume 8 of her hit webcomic series, Menage A 3, easily my favorite webcomic out there. Gisele has already hit her initial goal but now is when the fun of stretch goals and additional rewards start! Please check out her campaign and watch closely. Gisele is going to be making more use of me going forward!

For more of Gisele’s work as well as her other great webcomics, visit her site here:

In convention news, Dan Parent and I just wrapped up a mighty THREE back-to-back-to-back conventions including Ottawa Comiccon, Flower City Comic Con, and Orlando’s MegaCon all within the same month. Dan and I love traveling the convention circuit but it can be pretty exhausting especially when they are one right after the other like these were. Here is a nice pic of Dan, myself and Gisele plus our host Patty Hawkins at MegaCon right after one of our ever-popular Sketch Duels!

Now I have a bit of a break from the cons until our next jaunt which for me will be Denver Comic Con at the end of June. I’ll be adding that one to my Events page so please keep checking that regularly.  Thanks for checking in, Everybody! Now that I have the time, I hope to be posting here a little more regularly in the coming days and weeks so keep looking back here!




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