Menage A 3 Zombies!


In my last post, I mentioned my pal Gisele Lagace, the Queen of Kickstarter, has launched her latest Kickstarter campaign for the latest print volume of her extremely popular webcomic, Menage A 3, from her Pixie Trix Comix stable of webcomics. Her campaign is still ongoing so please, if you feel so inclined to support Gisele, I urge you to do so. Check out her campaign here:


Yesterday on Twitter and Facebook, Gisele hinted at a potential project that she, Pixie Trix writer Dave Lumsdon, and I would be working on together. I drew the above piece to give everybody a little peek at what that project could be. Hopefully, if Gisele’s Kickstarter campaign hits certain goals, we can make this happen! Let’s rally the support out there, Everybody! Spread the word! And pledge! Pledge! Pledge!

If you’ve never checked out Menage A 3 or any of Pixie Trix Comix’s other great webcomic, you can give them a shot here:


Please let me know your thoughts on the piece above in the comments below! Thanks, Everybody!






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