Jughead as Star Trek’s Spock


One of my most popular themes at conventions is this mash-up between Archie Comics’ Jughead and Star Trek’s Mr. Spock. Star Trek mash-ups in general tend to draw a lot of attention and at the very least stop traffic at our table at conventions. Throw in Jughead as Mr. Spock and fans can’t get enough of this guy. Usually, I draw ol’ Spockhead as a sketch card. This is the first time I’ve drawn him as a larger, fuller figure.

Archie and Star Trek are probably among the most requested mash-ups I get at conventions. Ever since Archie Vs Predator the door for these crossovers has blown wide open and now no match-up is too ridiculous or off the table. I know that Archie Comics did explore the possibility of a crossover with Star Trek at one point but there was no interest in it from Star Trek’s end. Whether that was IDW, who currently publishes the Star Trek comic books, or Paramount, who own the Star Trek license, I can’t really say. This certainly isn’t to say this will never happen. One thing about the comics business is you can never say never. Minds change all the time… especially where Archie is concerned. The only certainty you probably can safely bet on at this point is that if such a crossover were to happen, I probably would not be chosen to draw it.




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