Jughead By Night #32

Jughead By Night #32 Cover Art

Here are the pencils for a private commission featuring cover art for an an imaginary crossover starring Jughead in his werewolf form from the Jughead The Hunger series and personal favorite, the Marvel Comics costumed crimefighter, Moon Knight.

This piece measures 11″ x 17″ and as seen here, it is currently in it’s pencil stage. Inks and colors will soon follow.

This is a fun one for a variety of reasons. First off, it includes one of my favorite Marvel characters, the macabre Moon Knight. Longtime followers of this board are already aware of my long-standing love for Moon Knight going all the way back to the first issue of his first regular series, Moon Knight #1.

Secondly, this piece also includes Jughead Jones, one of my favorite characters from the Archie Comics pantheon and one I drew often during my tenure writing and drawing for that company. Even better, this isn’t just any plain ol’ Jughead. This is the werewolf Jughead of Archie’s recent horror series, Jughead The Hunger. That series was launched after my… errr… “departure” so I never got to draw it until this piece. I enjoy the whole werewolf concept and werewolves are fun to draw. This one was a particular blast.

The entire piece is an homage to Marvel Comics’ Werewolf By Night #32 which is of course the first appearance of Moon Knight, who at the time debuted as a villain for the book’s title character.

As I said, this piece is only in its pencil stage here. I’ll certainly be posting the ink and color stages as I add those. Stay tuned, Everybody!


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