Minions… as Archie & Jughead !


If I ever need a few bucks, all I ever have to do is draw these little yellow, Twinkie-look-a-like Minions. Nothing moves faster or stops traffic at a convention like having Minions on display… and having the Minions as different characters like Archie and Jughead as seen here… is just like printing money!


4 comments on “Minions… as Archie & Jughead !”

  1. daren

    This is awesome, would it be okay for me to post this in the Archie forum or would you rather keep it here, I know you might want to have some art only on this site 🙂 ?

  2. daren

    Okay I’m going to use it as my avatar for a little while and I posted a link to your site under my signature photos on my posts, hope you don’t mind I also posted pictures of your Thanksgiving shirts with a link, I’d get one if I could fit it in my budget!

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