Well, the 2018 comic book convention season is done… at least for me.

In the aftermath of a busy con schedule with a lot of wrist con hopping, my portfolio is left like the bones of a turkey after its been picked clean at Thanksgiving. Now in the off-season, I have to take advantage of my time… wherever I can find it… to try and rebuild my portfolio as best as I can. I drew Nightcrawler here for specifically that purpose and I’m going to need to draw a few more. If anyone has any suggestions on who I should draw next, please shout out your ideas in the Comments section below!

Nightcrawler, as will any other pieces that I draw, will make the rounds with me at next year’s convention circuit. If anyone is interested in him, please email me at and let me know. If anyone is interested in any other private commission, please reach out as well. Time is growing short for the Holiday season so act now!

Nightcrawler here is on 9″ x 12″ heavy bristol paper. He was colored with a mix of copic and chartpak markers. Nightcrawler is very fun to draw!




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