Washington Press First Day Cover

Illustration done for longtime clients, the nice folks at WASHINGTON PRESS. Washington Press specializes in unique FIRST DAY COVERS for stamp collectors. When the Post Office announces the release of comic or pop culture themed stamps, Washington Press will commission me to provide artwork for their nicely designed envelopes. Please check them out here: https://www.washpress.com


TIFFANY WINTERS from the hugely successful webcomic EERIE CUTIES. Tiff here was done as an incentive for the incredibly successful PIXIE TRIX COMIX Kickstarter campaign. I’m new to webcomics but my pal, the talented Gisele Lagace puts out some of the most phenomenally popular webcomics out there like Menage A 3, Eerie Cuties, and more

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Doctor Doom Sketch Card

Sketch cards are always a popular convention item. I love them. Here is one of the greatest super villains of all time, DOCTOR DOOM. I was going for a Doctor Doom of the Jack Kirby vintage. When working on sketch cards, I often emulate Golden and Silver Age comic art styles. That deceptively simple and

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Undoubtedly, the ARCHIE VS PREDATOR mini crossover series was the biggest, most popular project I’ve ever worked on. In addition to all the interior artwork I did for the four-issue mini-series as well as the sketches and extras I provided for the hardcover collection, I pencilled and inked this print. The beautiful colors… along with

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Archie Comics’ BETTY COOPER in X-Men uniform!

Nothing moves at conventions like sketches of the Archie gang… especially Betty and Veronica… as other characters… especially super-heroes. Here Betty is sporting the classic original X-Men uniform. The original X-Men are my favorite era for the X-Men and the original five are my favorite line-up. Cyclops and Iceman are among my favorite Marvel characters.