Princess Leia blank cover

Here is a Princess Leia blank sketch cover done this past weekend at Boston Comic Con. There were a lot of sketches done in Boston and I’ll be posting a few of them over the next couple of days.

In the meantime, I’m back at the drawing board and catching up on a bunch of projects…

First, let me say that all work on the Die Kitty Die Hollywood Or Bust hardcover is DONE and the whole book is off at the printer. We’re hoping to have our copies by the beginning of September. This means all of our Kickstarter supporters should be receiving their rewards throughout September. If we’re really, really lucky we might have copies at Toronto Fan Expo (I’ll be adding that stop to my Events page soon!) … but that could be tight. Regardless, September is looking really good so everyone will be getting their books soon. If Dan Parent and I don’t have copies for Fan Expo, we’ll definitely have then for New York Comic Con (Another stop I need to add to my Events page!)

Now onto my drawing board…

Dan Parent and I are both working on the promised Die Kitty Die Christmas Special. As I said, our Kickstarter supporters will be getting their packages in September but everyone will receive the Christmas Special appropriately enough around Christmas time. If you’re one of our Kickstarter supporters, don’t panic when you get your package in September and you don’t see the Christmas Special. Santa will be delivering that one later in December. It should also be in stores around the same time.

I’ve got MORE Pixie Trix Comix on the way! Last week, I handed in a five page Eerie Cuties story. Its being colored as I type this so I expect that story to be going up soon. Now I’ve got another five page Eerie Cuties story to draw! I hope to finish this one by very early September. If you want to try out the great Pixie Trix Comix stable of webcomics, you can check them out here:


I’ve got a bunch of commissions to wrap up! The new school year at the Kubert School where I teach three days a week is looming and I want to get a lot of these promised commissions done before then. Thanks to everyone for their patience and hanging in there with me. Not long now! I, of course, will be posting many of these right here as I complete them so as always, keep checking back here!

A couple of other surprises may pop up and of course I may try to squeeze in some of these “for fun” projects like my Silver Age Marvel homages. I’ve got a couple of DC Comics themed ones in mind that I’d love to jump on! As I said, please keep coming back!


Thanks, Everybody!




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