Sabrina The Teen Age Witch!



This piece was done as a reward for one of the generous supporters of our DIE KITTY DIE Kickstarter campaign.

I posted the black and white line art a couple of days ago on Facebook. Tonight I colored it as a demonstration during my Basic Drawing night class at the Kubert School. I used a Chartpak purple sage marker for the background but as is evident in the pic, the marker started dying on me. I don’t entirely dislike the result but I still might touch it up with another of my purple sages. I have a few more of these sketches to do for a few more of our supporters.  I’ll keep posting them here as I finish them. Keep checking back here!

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4 comments on “Sabrina The Teen Age Witch!”

  1. Joy Riddle

    Nice! You might try getting a job as a colorist as well as writer/penciler/inker! All-round artist, that’s you!

    • fernando

      Ha! Thanks, Joy. I consider all offers but out of all those jobs you mentioned, pencilling probably comes the fastest to me. I enjoy coloring though.

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