The Avengers # 7

The Silver Age of comics had some of the best, most eye-catching, and enticing covers in all of comic book history. For a while, I’ve been enjoying revisiting some of my favorite covers and putting my own compositional spin on them.  I’ve been posting little snippets of this one on Instagram and Facebook but I’ve finally finished the whole piece so here is my homage to The Avengers #7. The original was done by the great Jack Kirby. You can see it here:

Obviously I made a few changes. Right off, I didn’t want to deal with all of the cover dress and logos so that alone was going to force some compositional changes. I couldn’t keep the positioning of the Avengers themselves as horizontally as they are on the original. I wanted Thor to dominate a bit more so I made him larger. I also wanted more of a front view on the God of Thunder so I turned him a bit. The whole spinning hammer effect which works so well on the original was going to crowd my composition too much so I did away with that and moved Mjolnir into the upper left corner. Rick Jones is smaller and honestly, I debated whether or not to include him. I like to remain as faithful as possible to the original piece but in my last Avengers piece, a homage to the Splash page in The Avengers #6, a lot of younger fans would ask, “Who’s the kid?” In the end though, my faithfulness won out and Rick stayed. Incidentally, you can see that other Avengers piece here:

Here is another of my cover homages. This one is the cover to The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3:

And here is one of my all-time favorite covers, the cover to The Fantastic Four #12:

This one is a tribute to The Amazing Spider-Man #2:

You can see my version of the cover to The Avengers #7 at my table this weekend, July 7 & 8, at the great Garden State Comic Fest at the Mennen Arena in historic Morristown, NJ! I’ll have this piece and many others on display. Come on by!

Are their any other classic covers that you’d like me to visit? Please let me know in the comments below!


Thanks, Everybody!



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