The Fantastic Four Meet The Challengers Of The Unknown!

I posted a preview snippet of this one last month. Now I can show the inks for the entire piece. Here is a re-imagining of Jack Kirby’s classic cover for the iconic The Fantastic Four #1 from 1961. On this version, Marvel Comics’ FF is facing an earlier Kirby creation, DC Comics’ The Challengers of the Unknown. Thanks to my pal and longtime supporter, Henry Wagner, for the idea for this one. Hank is also the commissioner of this piece so once I’m done, he gets to take it home.

A couple of notes on this one…

  1. Colors are next. I’ll post the final colored piece as soon as I finish so please keep checking back here.
  2. You might notice a couple of un-inked areas on this one such as the Human Torch, the smoke coming from the crater, and the Invisible Girl’s platform and contrail. I’ll be resolving those with color.
  3. Sharp eyes will notice this isn’t an exact match for the original FF #1. Adjustments had to be made to accommodate the larger cast of this piece. I wanted to be sure the Challs were sufficiently and distinctly (This is always tricky in a far shot of four guys in identical uniforms.)represented.
  4. As per Hank’s request, that’s Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, and Jack Kirby in the background. Of course they’re displacing Kirby’s original background characters.

I love doing these mash-ups and I absolutely love re-visiting these classic Silver Age era covers. I’ve got more in mind and I know Hank’s got more ideas!

What other mash-ups would you like to see? What other great classic covers would you like to see me revisit? Please let me know in the Comments below!


Thanks, Everybody!



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