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Here is a marker sketch of the DC Comics character, the Mighty Isis! This one is a reward specifically requested by one of our supporters of our 2015 DIE KITTY DIE Kickstarter Campaign. I’ve got a few more of these to do. As I’ve said when I’ve posted the others, I’ll be posting these here as I do them so please keep checking back here.

I go back with Isis to the 1970’s Saturday Morning TV show starring the lovely Joanna Cameron. A kid in the 70’s, I grew up watching Isis and its companion show, Shazam!, when they first aired. I liked the character in as far as I was a sucker for anything involving super heroes but I don’t remember following her few comic book appearances at the time. I loved Captain Marvel and I usually scooped up every issue of Shazam! that I could find. In those days, those books were sadly so unwanted they were dirt cheap. I know Isis appeared at least once in that series but I don’t remember if I ever grabbed it or not. From my understanding, there’s some sort of rights issue involving Isis that prevented that issue from being included in the Shazam Essentials reprint volume.

Despite my long, yet spotty, history with the character, this is my first time ever drawing Isis that I can remember. In doing a reference search, I found there’s little consistency on Isis’ jewelry. The designs seem to vary wildly. I tried to restrict my search to her comic book appearances because the buyer specifically requested a “comic book” Isis. Maybe he was just trying to differentiate the character from the terrorist group, but I took it literally. If nothing else, it helped me narrow the search somewhat. Given the inconsistencies in her belt and bands, I opted to just do my own design and just picked and chose various elements from different isis designs. She wasn’t as difficult as I expected and I actually found myself enjoying the character.


There are a couple of characters on my list that I never even THOUGHT to draw before so I’m looking forward to jumping on those.  As I said before, I’ll post ’em as I do ’em. Here’s a hint… the first of these guys is going to require a lot of GREEN! (Probably NOT the FIRST guy you’re thinking of… or the second!) The second commission is a recent favorite character of mine. I’m going to need to get some reference on .45’s (No. Not the records!)  Now THAT should give it away!

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    • fernando

      Good idea, Vincent! I love Thunder The Barbarian! As a kid that opening used to freak me out because it just seemed so possible! What the heck is there to stop a runaway comet from flying between the Earth and the moon? The magic and the monsters were the least of it! They just made the Apocalypse so plausible! I might draw Princess Ariel just for the fun of it! Stay tuned!

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