Twelve On A Straw!


Here is a variation on the classic Archie Comic’s cover “Three On A Straw.” I call this one “Twelve On A Straw.”


The original “Three On A Straw” I believe may have been drawn by original Archie artist… and let’s be honest… Archie creator… Bob Montana back in the 1940’s. That classic configuration of Archie splitting a milkshake with both Betty and Veronica has been revisited numerous times over the years by different Archie artists including myself. I decided to expand the scope a little more for this one.

By the way, this is NOT an official Archie Comics cover and will not be published. I drew this one specifically for my portfolio and because my published Archie comic book covers have always proven popular at conventions and after these past few years, I’m finally running low on actual published covers. I’ve decided therefore to just draw up new original covers of my own. This is the first. These covers may not have been published but they will be of the classic Archie vintage and unlike much of what I see from Archie Comics these days, my covers will have a humorous narrative element to them. Storytelling, Archie Comics! Why did you turn your back on it?

Here are the pencils to this piece:


With so many characters present, this one has print potential. My most popular Archie prints are group shots like this one. I may hand this over to my usual colorist, Anwar Hanano, so that he may work his magic.

Any suggestions for original line of Archie covers? Who would you like to see? Please let me know in the comments below!


Thanks, Everybody!




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