Webb Graphic Novel


Here is a page from my next project, a graphic novel titled Webb created by Mike Cucka and John Salimbene. Webb is about the residents of Shadybrook, USA, a place where wild product and advertising mascots live right alongside normal people. The main character is Webb Browntree, a young race car driver and mechanic who is also the heir to a great race car dynasty. Its a fun idea with a great timelessly retro feel along the lines of Who Killed Roger Rabbit? The page above is for the upcoming second Webb graphic novel. There is currently one volume drawn by another artists. I’ll be drawing the second and hopefully the third as well. For more of Webb and the residents of Shadybrook, check out the Webb website:


This page was also my audition for this gig and a bit of an experiment. I pencilled the page and inked it myself. The experimental part is in the addition of the sepia tones which scanned a bit lighter than they actually are. Inspired in part by look the artist on the first Webb graphic novel established, I added these tones using a blend of Copic and Charpak markers. I added the tones directly onto the original art. Creators Mike Cucka and John Salimbene were happy with the results so this will be the technique I’ll be using on the series going forward. Here is what the page looked like at the pencilled stage:

Here is another pencilled page from the upcoming book. I had fun with Sky Whale!


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Please also check the Webb website above. The first Webb graphic novel is still available and can be ordered from the site. Get your copy in order to catch up before picking up the volume I’m drawing. Don’t dawdle! Order yours today!



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