Just in time for the opening of the latest Wolverine movie, Logan, here is a sketch card featuring everyone’s favorite furry mutant. I colored this sketch card with Copic markers as a demo in one of my classes at the Kubert School.

My favorite look for Wolverine is the brown outfit designed by John Byrne, but the yellow and blue is acceptable too. For me, Wolverine, like most super heroes has to have a costume! Otherwise, he’s just “a guy” and I check out. I’m also not a fan of Wolverine’s solo efforts. To me, Wolverine is a supporting character who works best as the vicious wild man of the X-Men team. I prefer him against the fantastic backdrop of the X-Men Universe rather than on his own where the tendency seems to be for him to fight ninjas.

It will probably be a long while before I ever check out the movie Logan. Already on Facebook I see many glowing positive reviews. Guys, live with a movie a little while before giving it the Best Picture Oscar and for the love of God, if Logan is the best movie you’ve ever seen in your life, you really, really need to see more movies. I say this with full confidence even though I haven’t seen it yet.


What’s your favorite look and era for Wolverine? Please let me know in the comments below!



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