Afterlife With Archie #1 Page 13: “Fight Of The Living Dead!”

Page 13: “Fight Of The Living Dead!”

It’s Fan Fiction Friday once again… and this week was a busy one so it’s actually Friday when I’m posting this! Normally, my usual FFF page is ready earlier in the week making it possible for me to actually post the page on Thursday night as sort of a sneak preview for you, my loyal regular website visitor. This week, however, I finished this page mere minutes before posting it here on Friday afternoon. As soon as I post this, I’ll of course make the usual posts on Facebook, Instagram and the other social media. Rest assured in case you’re concerned… I’m on track for my usual Secret Origin Saturday post. I’ll be finishing that page as soon as I finish with the FFF posts and I expect to post it later tonight. Maybe really late tonight. We’ll see.

Now about this page… Dilton has turned! As Betty examines Dilton’s …”collection” Riverdale’s resident geek zombie has attacked Archie. Meanwhile, Zombie Jughead is loose again! Is it all up to Betty to save the day? And what’s under the floor of Dilton’s lab?? Find out in next week’s episode!

As far as the usual Director’s Cut Commentary… we only have one Easter egg worth mentioning and it’s in Panel 4 where we see one of Dilton’s comic book boxes getting knocked over. Flying in the foreground is a copy of Jughead #6. The book sports the logo of the rebooted Jughead series with an Archie head from that very cover. There wasn’t really room for much more than just that head and even so, we only see the top half of the head. I did try my best to emulate the style of the actual cover’s artist.

And now for the recap…

See you all tomorrow for Secret Origin Saturday, Everybody! Don’t forget! This SOS, we take our first trip to the Marvel Universe! It’ll be a “Knight” to remember!!


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