Afterlife With Archie #1: Page 20: “Face It, Tiger…!”

Afterlife With Archie #1: Page 20: “”Face It, Tiger…!”

And here it is, Everybody!

I’m a bit late with this week’s Fan Fiction Friday page, but here we go… Page 20 of my Afterlife With Archie #1 fan fiction titled for obvious reasons, “Face It, Tiger…” I hope the pay-off is worth waiting an extra day! With this page… the twentieth in this series, I’ve completed the FIRST issue of this little experiment. I hope everyone has been digging it. It’s been fun for me and I appreciate all of the enthusiastic support and response the pages have received across social media.

Now of course this page builds upon the tiny yet-not-so-subtle clue planted within last week’s page and we reveal for the first time in this story… the Predator!

Why am I introducing the Predator into Afterlife With Archie? Well, this is all fan fiction so I can really introduce whomever I want into this series. Copyrights, licenses and trademarks be damned! I don’t care! I can do whatever I want! This is all fan fiction! It’s for fun! I’m not making any money off this! I can have Galactus show up and eat all of Riverdale if I want!

Don’t worry! I won’t go that crazy. This is fan fiction but I pride myself on some restraint! I do keep toying however with bringing to life that Archie Of Darkness idea from many years ago…

A few notes about this page in place of the usual Director’s Cut Commentary

This page makes the very first splash page in this series. As my students at the Kubert School know, I’m a firm believer in not throwing around the splash page but I did want to end the issue on as big a note as possible. If any moment warranted a splash, it was this one!

The page, as the title indicates, is a very obvious nod to the classic first appearance of Peter Parker’s future wife (Ugh! I always hated that development!) , Mary Jane Watson in the final panel of the classic The Amazing Spider-Man #42.

Aside from the occasional commission, this marks the first time I’ve drawn the Predator since the popular Archie VS Predator mini-series from 2015. Trust me! This is not a gratuitous cameo! The Predator is going to play a big part in this story. This could be the REAL Archie VS Predator II everyone asked for …and honestly didn’t get! (Yeah! Don’t get me started! Archie Comics is still ass hurt even after all these years, but I guess they’ve shown me!) This series is going to scratch many itches. The reveals aren’t done yet!

As I’ve stated, my plan is to draw four twenty-page issues. This page marks the conclusion of the first. I will be taking a break in between issues to work on other personal projects, but rest assured… unlike how Archie Comics uses the term… this will be a REAL hiatus! A hiatus means it is a temporary situation. It WILL end. Archie Comics uses the term “hiatus” synonymously with “cancelled forever.” I’m going to use this hiatus to write and draw a short five page story which will be a strictly classic Archie story and done in observation of Archie’s big 80th anniversary! I hope you guys will enjoy it. My plan is to complete the five pages and post them all at once. I expect it might take about a month or so to complete this little project. This BIG news is I’m also planning on having this story lettered so that readers can enjoy this story to the fullest. I’ll be talking to my letterer this week to get him on board! Once this little project is done, I promise to return to Fan Fiction Friday with Afterlife With Archie #2… and as you can see things are in place for a BIG story only FFF can deliver!

As promised, here are all of the previous pages for this issue right here for your convenience and enjoyment…

I hope you guys have enjoyed this story. It’s been fun and I appreciate all of the support and feedback.


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