Afterlife With Archie #1: Pages 10 & 11! “Oh Brother” & “Weird Science!”

Page 10: “Oh Brother!”

It’s another Fan Fiction Friday Double Feature! This week we’re showcasing Pages 10 and 11 of my Afterlife With Archie #1 fan fiction! Dilton’s flashback sequence continues as we find out what happened after the disastrous turn of events on last week’s page. Is Cheryl Blossom truly dead? What is Dilton going to do with her? How will Cheryl’s twin brother, Jason, react?

On Page 10, entitled “Oh Brother,” Cheryl Blossom’s twin brother, Jason makes his first appearance. Jason is in that category of Archie characters who appears less frequently than others and has been widely interpreted by a number of artists. My preferred Jason is Dan DeCarlo’s Jason which is fitting since he created the character. I am adding a few more modern touches to my interpretation of Jason such as grooming his hair a little and adding some stubble.

This page’s director’s commentary includes another carving of my initials in the background tree in Panel 3. As I explained on an earlier page, back in my Archie days, I used to often sneak my initials into my pages as a way of retaining my credit on my work in case my stories were ever reprinted without credits. This was the common practice back in the day. In the digests, only new stories were credited and reprinted stories were not. I believe this has changed and now all stories receive credits. Just in case though… hopefully my initial carvings endure!

Panel 3 also features one of my notorious Cosmo cameos as the Merry Martian adorns Jason Blossom’s cell phone.

Page 11: “Weird Science!!”

On this page, Jason is quick to avenge his sister… but will his impulsive reaction cost him? We’ll see next week!

As for the director’s commentary, this page is pretty action packed and didn’t leave too much room for Easter eggs and cameos. In Panels 1 and 3, however, that is indeed the infamous Necronomicon from The Evil Dead movies.

That’s it for this Double Feature, Everybody. As usual, here are the previous pages…


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