Afterlife With Archie #1 Pages 7 & 8!

Page 7: “Reggie & Me!”

Named of course for Reggie’s longest running solo series, we get our first look at Midge, Moose, and Reggie in this Afterlife With Archie series with this page.

A few notes…

Yes. That is me as the zombie in the foreground on the left hand side of Panel 1. That is a Samantha Smythe zombie on the other side. Samantha, of course, is the hot blonde chick from Archie’s That Wilkin Boy series.

My initials are carved into the tree in Panel 1. This was a tradition I used to do back when I drew for Archie Comics. When I started out, I mostly drew digest stories and the policy back then was that only the new stories in the digests were credited. The reprinted stories went uncredited. I figured if I put my initials in the trees, I could still claim credit for the stories I drew after they were reprinted without credits. Archie Comics has since changed this policy so now all of the stories in the digests have credits. They did this largely because people figured out how to tell how many new stories digests actually had. Incidentally, the credits on the older stories are not always correct and I’ve found stories I was credited for writing which I did not.

In Panel 5, we see That Wilkin Boy’s Tough Teddy as a zombie.

In Panel 6, another That Wilkin Boy visitor, Buddy, has been zombified.

Page 8: “Night Of The Living Redhead!”

It’s a Fan Fiction Friday Double Feature as we get TWO pages this week! Let’s not get spoiled here. Remember! I’m drawing these for free! I won’t always be able to eek out this kind of time!

With this page we return to Dilton’s lab and we see Dilton clearly for the first time in this series. We will find out how and why he was beaten up very soon. Plus… what is that broken bottle and stain on the floor?

In Panel 5, a flashback panel, we see Cheryl Blossom for the first time.

In Panel 6, that is a sea monkey in the fish tank.

Next week… Things heat up between Cheryl and Dilton! Don’t miss it!

Need to catch up on the story? Here are all of the pages so far…!

Thanks for reading, Everybody! Keep tuning in! Another page will be posted next Fan Fiction Friday… and what a page it will be!!


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