Archie Lottery Tickets !



Here we see another idea that went nowhere.

The Archie lottery tickets.

There isn’t much to say about this pretty bizarre idea.

The time was around the late 2000’s. It was either late in the Michael Silberkleit regime or very early in the Jon Goldwater era. I know that by this point Victor Gorelick had moved into the office formerly occupied by the late Richard Goldwater. I can’t remember if by then Victor had been given the title of co-president or not. Titles never really mattered at Archie Comics. You always just had about three or four guys who ran everything and then you had everyone else.

Victor called me into his office and told me that he needed sketches for Archie Comics themed lottery tickets. The tickets weren’t definitely happening. They were going to be part of a proposal to whoever these things needed to be proposed to. Victor gave me a few size requirements and a few other specifications. He wanted a design for each of the four major characters… Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica. Once again, Reggie gets screwed.

I drew a bunch of designs. The set you see here are among my earliest. I remember there was at least another round of sketches.

Then, as is often the case with Archie, I never heard anything ever again.

At least I got paid for this. Later on, I also sold the originals.


6 comments on “Archie Lottery Tickets !”

  1. JR Loflin

    I love the almost Scrooge McDuck zeal that Veronica is exhibiting in her pic!

    It does make me wonder what each of them would do with their winnings – well, not Jughead, he’d open his own pizza parlor. Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Papa Jug’s!

  2. daren

    Lottery, well, I could make a few wisecracks about a certain company here but I won’t. The Veronica is the best, as usual. 🙂

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