This was the page that showed the World that ARCHIE VS PREDATOR was playing for keeps. Here the Predator has killed, skinned, and strung up the Blossom Twins, Cheryl and Jason. At this point in the series, I still wasn’t sure what I was going to be allowed to get away with, but when it came to this page, I didn’t hold back with the blood and gore. This would however be one of the few moments where I was asked to do any redrawing. I did have to scale back some of the gruesome rendering. Always the good soldier, I complied although I did think my original version was better. I still have a scan of that and I may post it someday. After I saw what a beautiful job Colorist Jason Millet did with the colors, I felt much better.


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  1. fernando

    Thanks, Jim. I have scans of most of my original pages for this series. I might post the original unedited version of this one some time just to compare the two.

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