ARCHIE VS PREDATOR Hardcover Has Arrived!


Today I was very happy to have received my copies of the ARCHIE VS PREDATOR collected hardcover edition.

An absolute highpoint in my career, ARCHIE VS PREDATOR is a project of which I am most proud and with which I’ve had the most fun. I’m very happy to see it treated so well with this very fine edition. This book is packed! It has all four complete issues, plus all of the covers including the many variants plus it has more extras than most dvd packages including many of my preliminary sketches for the series.

The book is not only teeming with blood but also with the top effort of all involved. We had a great team and I’d love to acknowledge and thank them all. Writer Alex DeCampi delivered a beautiful script that gave me all the info I needed plus left me plenty of room to play and do my own thing. Its unfortunate that the audience will probably never read her scripts. Her notes to me were as funny as the material that did get printed. I’d work with her again anytime. Rich Koslowski is one of the best, most versatile inkers out there. Few people can make my work look any better than Rich. Whenever I know I’m being paired with him, I breathe easy because I know the art is in good hands. When editor Brendan Wright asked me who I wanted to ink me on this project, I said Rich without hesitation. Letterer and colorists very seldom get their due but both John Workman and Jason Millet really proved the value of their contributions here. Of course, spearheading the whole project was our editor, the great Brendan Wright. He was the perfect support system and ringleader. I always knew he was an email away and ready to deal with any question I had. I have to thank him for this beautiful volume. He really put together an outstanding package. I hope we can get this team together again for another home run of a project! Let’s do it again!

This marks the very first time my work has ever been collected in a hardcover format and I couldn’t be happier that it was this project that achieved that milestone. Please head on over to Amazon and get your copy today!


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