Archie Vs Predator: The Movie Poster!

I’ve posted earlier versions of this one before. This is a private commission featuring a montage-style composition featuring characters and scenes from the 2015 crossover epic, Archie Vs Predator. The entire piece was supposed to evoke the look of a movie poster.

Here is the inked version:

And here is the earlier colored version. This one was digitally colored by my usual colorist, the great Anwar Hanano:

Naturally, the commissioner receives the original artwork which is why I colored this one myself by hand. I colored it entirely with Copic markers.

Archie VS Predator remains one of the most popular projects I ever worked on. When I appear at conventions, it is still one of the books I’m asked about the most. A lot of people still ask me if there will ever be a sequel or if there will ever be another similarly oddball crossover such as Archie VS Aliens.

All I can say is that I have no idea.  I do know that once it became clear that AVP was a hit, both Archie Comics and Dark Horse Comics, the publishers of AVP, began talking about doing some sort of follow up. My understanding is that Archie VS Aliens was briefly considered but immediately dismissed as being “too obvious.” I have no idea what that means. To me, “too obvious” only means that there was an audience expecting it and from the reaction I STILL see, there was an audience waiting to buy it. It’s a horrible shame that Archie and Dark Horse never followed up the success they enjoyed with AVP with something else. I guess they avoided being “too obvious” but they also ended up doing nothing. AVP was a hit and they let it just sit there. They never acted on it.

I guess its not too late. They could still do an Archie Vs Aliens or even an Archie VS Predator 2. It’s very doubtful, however, at this point given my relationship with Archie Comics, that I would be involved.

At least, I still get to do pieces like this and gauging the reaction AVP still gets, I’ll probably be doing pieces like this for a while yet.

What do you folks think? What wacky Archie crossovers would you like to see? Please let me know in the Comments section below!

Thanks, Everybody!



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