First of all… No. This is not a cover for the upcoming Archie Vs Predator II. As regular followers of my work and my posts will understand, I will have nothing to do with the upcoming sequel to the phenomenally popular 2015 crossover mini-series which I pencilled.

This is a simple pin-up that I did on my own. My friend and former student, Fabio Redivo wanted something of mine to color and I’d been kicking this potential cover gag around in my head so I drew it and inked it. Now it’s off in Fabio’s hands to be colored. I’ll certainly post the final colored version once he’s done. We’ll also be offering prints of this one throughout this year’s comic con season. In fact, Fabio and I will both be appearing together at the end of June at the great Garden State Comic Fest in Morristown, NJ. Hopefully we’ll have this print to debut there when we’re both available to sign it. Ultimately, I’ll also be making this print available through my site as well so if you can’t make it to Garden State and you’re still interested in a print, just let me know!

I’ll be posting details about my appearance at Garden State later this weekend on my Events page. Please keep checking back here!

I’ll also be posting an update on what’s on the ol’ drawing table very soon. I know I haven’t posted one in a while. That’s usually a sign that I’m busy with something and this time, that’s the case once again… THANKFULLY! I’ll be letting everyone know about this latest project as soon as I can. I should be wrapping it up early next week. Please once again, keep checking back here.

Thanks, Everybody!


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